Dr. Clifton Franklund
Professor of Microbiology

My Awards and Certifications

Some of my efforts in teaching and learning (both online and face-to-face) have been recognized by others. I have posted information about a few of my recent achievements here.

Top 25 STEM Instructor in Michigan (2013)

Onlineschoolsmichigan.com included me in their list of the top 25 science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) instructors in the state of Michigan for 2013. I assume this is related to being named distinguished teacher of the year at Ferris in the preceding year.

Certificate of Online Adjunct Teaching (2013)

In the spring of 2013 I completed an online certificate program offered by the University of Maryland. This course was created to promulgate best practices for online higher education courses.

Distinguished Teacher Award (2012)

I received the top teaching award from Ferris State University in 2012. This award is granted to faculty that demonstrate excellence in their professional endeavors as related to the mission and core values of Ferris State University.

First Place Online "Chalkie" Challenge (2011)

My initial SCORM module for my online laboratory manual took first place in an online competition. I have continued to improve these modules and am currently using them in place of a print lab manual for my General Microbiology course.