Dr. Clifton Franklund
Professor of Microbiology


I am a professor of Microbiology in the Department of Biological Sciences at  Ferris State University. I have created this site to provide some additional information about me - my background, teaching load, research projects, and outside interests.​


Teaching microbiology is my primary job at Ferris State University. I have taught a variety of courses ranging from freshman-level introductory Biology to graduate-level Research Design and Methods courses.

My research interests have broadened over time. In the laboratory, I am primarily interested in the bacterial physiology and genetics of lipopolysaccharide synthesis with regard to virulence. I have also become interested in the scholarship of teaching, learning, and assessment.


My Current Projects

Graduate Certificate: I have recently begun a 12-credit online graduate certificate program from James Madison University on assessment in higher education. This is part of my ongoing professional development activities.

Laboratory Notebooks: In conjunction with the lab modules, I have been emphasizing proper research notebook keeping in our labs. Each module is tied to specific lab entries. These projects are graded multiple times during a semester using an analytic rubric.

SCORM Labs: I have also authored a series of online lab modules for my microbiology courses. These replace the normal printed lab manuals (saving my students a great deal of money). They are all machine gradable and delivered in FerrisConnect.

CAFE: I have written a computer program that analyzes student exam performances and provides individualized formative feedback to each student. This is at the core of my course assessment efforts in the classes that I teach.