Dr. Clifton Franklund
Professor of Microbiology


My students, colleagues, and I have presented or published in many different venues over the past several decades. I have provided a brief listing of some of these here.


My work online and in the classroom has been recognized by others in the past few years. A short list of some of these is provided here.


Teaching and service currently occupy most of my available academic time. I do, however, continue to be interested in  lipopolysaccharide as a virulence factor of gram negative anaerobes.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

As part of my continuing professional development at Ferris State University, I am engaged in several different projects that are aimed at measuring and improving student learning in my courses.


My position at Ferris State University requires direct student-faculty interaction in scholarly work as well as in the classroom. My laboratory research is centered around determining the structure, function, and role in virulence of lipopolysaccharides in anaerobic pathogens. I am also interested in improving teaching and learning in STEM courses. Regardless of the project, I always encourage student involvement wherever possible.