Dr. Clifton Franklund
Professor of Microbiology


The enhancement of student learning is at the center of all my activities at Ferris State University. Although I have extensive training as a microbiologist, I see my role as being more analogous to that of a coach than a content expert. My goal is to present the essential content for the course in such a way as to engage the students in the process of learning rather than merely rote memorization.

My Classes

BIOL108: Medical Microbiology [ Syllabus ]

This class is an introduction to the microbial world with an emphasis on human microbial disease mechanism and the basis of a protective immune response. The laboratory sessions provide students with  practical experience using fundamental microbiological techniques and instrumentation. It is designed for students in Health Professions associate degree programs. This course can be used to fulfill the General Education: Scientific Understanding with a Lab requirements at Ferris State University. [ Fall | Spring | Summer ]

BIOL286: General Microbiology [ Syllabus ]

This class is an introduction to the microbial world including microbial structure, function, metabolism, classification, genetics, control of microbial growth and immunity. The laboratory provides practical experience with fundamental microbiological concepts, techniques and instrumentation. This course is designed for students in the clinical laboratory science program and is open to other students by permission of the professor. [ Fall | Spring | Summer ]

BIOL472: Proteins [ Syllabus ]

This course focuses upon the theory, molecular mechanisms, and practical aspects of the major techniques used in protein purification. Emphasis is placed on data interpretation and manipulation, trouble-shooting, and prediction of the impact of various errors on the data, for each technique. Included are: enzyme kinetics; buffer design; cell disruption; differential solubility; ion exchange, gel permeation, and affinity chromatography; ultracentrifugation; chromatofocusing; radioisotope use; polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis; and isoelectric focusing. [ Spring every odd year ]